• Skasch
    Hello! I have the privilege of being the first to post in this category! I think my story is very different from most who have a vaccine-injured child, or at least I have never heard of a similar story. My journey began during my pregnancy when I started wondering about all the procedures, tests, check ups, etc that I needed to go through for the next 9 months, during delivery and beyond. I immediately stumbled upon vaccines, circumcision, vitamin K, eye ointment and a million other things. Most procedures if not all seemed excessive and unnecessary. My logic and intuition told me that my baby could not go through these procedures.

    My short-lived husband at the time immediately disagreed with all my conclusions and my research. The relationship went downhill mainly due to the vaccine issue. To make the story short, the guy pretty much kidnapped me in my own apt and swore I would never leave until our baby boy was vaccinated according to the schedule for his age. I felt very strong back then against vaccines for my baby, I just knew the consequences would be fatal, I had to prevail. I called the police to explain that I was being kept captive and that there was emotional abuse. They wanted to see broken bones and bruises. Weeks passed and I reasoned this was a situation I could not safely get out of and the older my son got, the more vaccines he would require. Mind you, I was a recent immigrant, I was just 22 years old, didn't know anybody, and I barely spoke English. I gave in and agreed to take my son to the doctor to get 3 shots containing Hep B, polio, and DTaP at 2 months old. This is still the worst day of my life. I cried and cried and prayed for my baby to be spared. My baby seemed fine besides the obvious crying and he continued to appear fine in the days after.

    Arrangements were made and the guy let us go. We moved to FL (from GA) and 2 months later my mother noticed lack of eye contact. Later the head banging began, rocking, then there was absence of language, excessive crying, complete withdrawal from the world, many milestones were not met. He was diagnosed with autism late at 5 y/o. I have been through quite the journey with my boy... and the guy? he disappeared, even left the country to avoid paying child support and never saw his child past 1 y/o and was never heard from again.

    I could never be quiet about vaccines anymore and I have urged every family member and every friend who had a baby to not vaccinate. So far, 5 children, including my niece and nephew, are 100% vaccine free thanks to my son's sacrifice (at least this is how I see it), and multiple other children were delayed in their schedule and have gotten far fewer shots than what is recommended. Other parents that I reached and educated but could not stand up to the medical establishment, have children with asthma, learning disabilities, leukemia, and allergies.

    My little man is now 11 y/o and is doing extremely well thanks to some detoxing, avoiding more toxins, supplementing, paleo diet, therapy, infinite love, patience & dedication. He's working on 8th grade math and last Thursday at parent-teacher conference I learned that he has the highest grade in Language Arts in the whole 6th grade!!! and this has always been his most dreaded subject, HA! He is an incredible child and my everything :)

  • Eileen Johanssen
    What an amazing, strong an smart woman your are. So glad you were able to keep him on an upward path. The brainwashing and fear mongering has influenced many parents. Keep up the good care for your amazing son. Thanks for sharing your story.
  • SusanSusan
    I'm sorry you had to go through being held hostage and bullied into vaccinating. It seems people who know the least about the subject are the most self righteous about demanding vaccinations. Seems the father was really more interested in having power over you than what was best for the child. Thankfully he is long gone. It's good to know your son is doing well after suffering a vaccine injury. Thank you for sharing.
  • Erika Wallace
    You are an incredible Mama. Your son is so blessed to have you & you him. Stay Strong Mom, you are a inspiration!
  • Mae
    What a story you have. You are a warrior for others too. Glad to hear your son is so much better.
  • Alice Becker
    What an incredible story. You are an extraordinary parent. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope others will come out of the closet and realize we must all speak up before it's too late. We have an entire generation threatened by this enormous mistake. The vaccine campaigns must be exposed.
  • Gary
    Wow Sandra,you are an amazing Mum.Keep up the good work with your son.It breaks my heart to hear stories like yours.The general public just have no idea how dangerous all vaccines are to the human body.We must all stand up & demand that all vaccine mandates are totally abolished & the companies producing them must be made accountable for all the damage they have caused.It is absolutely insane to have companies producing a product that they all know is harmful & be able to escape any kind of liability for such products.Hang in there & stay strong.
  • Skasch
    Wow thank you all for your very kind words!!!
    Yes, the father of my baby was all about having power and control fueled by his blind faith in the medical establishment.
    I am baffled to still see people lining up their kids to get shots even in the information era and when there are so many vaccine-injured children out there.

    Looking fwd to enlightening conversations with you all!
  • Angela Herd
    Love your inspirational story. I'm sorry that this happened to your son but how amazing and strong you both have been.
    Well done so far and all the best for good health for you both in future too! Xx
  • Jennifer
    The beginning of your story is horrific, I am so sorry that happened to both of you. But I am happy to hear that your son is doing well. thanks to you!
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