• Angela Herd
    Hi! I'm in Australia and I am the mother of a single daughter, 21 months old currently.
    I had a hard road to get to my daughter, fertility problems and then several years of failed IVF. I finally managed to create her and was pregnant! Of course I started to become very aware of decisions I would be needing to make for my child's health.
    I had come from a biomedical science background and my own parents were a doctor and a nurse, so we were all what you might call unaware of vaccine problems or dangers. I was under the impression they were wonderful things that we needed, and didn't understand anything about why some people just didn't vaccinate or stopped vaccinating. Our lives were based around following medical guidance if we had any health issues.
    I can see now how narrow my view of health and disease was now that I look back on it!
    Anyway while pregnant I started to look into all sorts of child health issues. I saw parenting forums where you had everyone pro-vaccine, with the occasional whisper by a brave parent of, 'I wouldn't vaccinate my child ever again, this is what vaccines can do ...' whisperings of autism, brain damage and many health problems and vaccines, and then not so whispered responses calling out those dissenting parents who were supposedly 'looking for someone to blame.'
    Those whispered voices I'd see sometimes at first didn't really hit me too hard, I was just aware of them. I mean, it was silly to think vaccines could actually cause such terrible things in children. Everyone knew those things had been 'debunked' right?
    Towards the end of my pregnancy I was approached by another pregnant mother however. She outrightly asked me if I would be vaccinating my child. By this stage I thought that probably I would vaccinate with one at a time, or selectively vaccinate, as I'd seen the large schedule by now and thought it was a bit overblown, and I had read a little more about the diseases and the vaccines.
    At this stage I said to her, 'Well I think so, I mean, my family has always vaccinated and I was vaccinated, why wouldn't people do it?' She replied that she had vaccinated her first daughter and had started to research after a series of reactions, and would never go near a vaccine again.
    I now realised I was talking to an 'anti-vaxxer'! I was quite curious more than anything else, and at this stage at an opportune time to open my mind to new information, any information, that might help me raise my child as healthily as possible...
    So me, scientifically and medically-minded person that I was, decided to ask her what changed her mind about vaccines. I asked her also if she could send me more information. That's what she did, and once I started reading and researching, I went into it heavily and didn't stop. I was shocked at what I didn't know, at what most of the world doesn't know, about vaccination.
    Not too long after I started this research I decided that I would never have a vaccine go near my child.
    After I discovered this wealth of information I had to tell my parents, two medically-minded people, that I would not be vaccinating their grandchild. My mother didn't want to know anything at first and wouldn't discuss the issue with me, which was incredibly difficult and distressing, as I knew that this decision would require me to have support. It took weeks before she would even start to do some reading and documentary viewing. My father when I told him, hit the roof. He was very angry and it took quite the argument until I finally said, 'Well you don't get to have a say in this unless you have seen what I've seen.' And so gradually, both of them came around and they did. I am vocal on the subject of vaccination now and all my family and friends are aware. I have a large network of local support from others who have made the same decision.
    None of us want a vaccine anywhere near our precious little girl. At 21 months she is still breastfeeding, she has had 1 single cold (mild), she's never had a single medication or antibiotics, eats a fantastic variety of foods, particularly fruit and vegetables, has beautiful smooth skin, clear blue eyes, talks in sentences, knows her alphabet and numbers, and is joyful, happy and sparkly.
    I'm now on a mission to find out as much about alternative health and healing to keep her as healthy as possible and to heal sickness.
    I hope to learn more about that in this forum.
    I would love to hear other people's stories.
  • lenore
    Yes! For me it was the same question that opened the door to info. A true question of, ' why wouldn't you vaccinate?' i say, when you ask the right question the info you're looking for will come. Good for you! I'll post my story soon when Im not in my phone.
  • Wbbgeorge
    It is amazing that the Australian Govt has decided that the science is complete on Vaccines even though science is always changing with new information

    .The warnings on the side effects issued by the Pharmaceutical Companies ( that I have read) are enough for any Parent to be concerned.
    Be brave you live in a world where the truth must not be spoken
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