• Genevieve Hawkins
    I thought since this is new to everyone it would be nice to make introductions: your name, where you live, how many children you have, why you joined the Vaccine Free Parenting community. And if you've ever seen or suspected a serious adverse vaccine reaction in yourself or family members.
    So I'm Genevieve, wife and mother of two girls ages 4 and 11. I'm currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I joined this community because I've decided to go vaccine free and sometimes need resources regarding mandates, school exemptions, etc. Plus I would like information on healthy alternative to vaccination and information on testing for reactions and fixes for autoimmune conditions brought on by vaccination.
    I have dealt with adverse vaccine reactions. My older daughter's reaction which was shared before (high pitched screaming for 20 hours, 104 fever) was extreme and immediate following a Hep B vaccine at 2 weeks old. We started questioning the vaccine schedule then and thankfully my daughter has no long term damage. My husband, however, is suffering from several autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid psoriasis, fibromyalgia and IBS-D) following several vaccines he was given 3 years ago in order to immigrate to the United States (he is from Thailand). And last year during the flu vaccine week at the skilled nursing facility where my grandmother was staying, we noticed that she was very congested. She was put on a ventilator from respiratory distress and died two weeks later. I am pretty sure she would have received the flu vaccine two or three days before the pneumonia. Although she was very old (94) and in poor health, I nonetheless believe that the vaccine or perhaps shedding from a recently vaccinated person played a part in her death.
    Anybody else want to share? Welcome!
  • sabel
    i am sabel/sabina.
    german but living in ireland.
    getting old. chronically ill [ i blame the smallpox vax i had at 11 or 12 ], 2 grown up children that were late and very selectively vaccinated after reading mendelsohn.
    i wouldn't do it at all now.
    my daughter has some issues similar to mine.
    i spend a fair bit of time following, and commenting on vax related online threads and i am very worried.
    generally for all of us. particularly in case she has a child.
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