• Kenneth
    Hello, we are a vax free family living in the Bay Area and we want to keep it that way. We will home school if we need to. My biggest concern is how are our children going to get married and raise families. How do you get a baby out of a hospital vax free, if that's even possible, and how do you NOT get CPS at your front door
  • Candice Liddell
    "How are your children going to get married and raise families?"
    Don't quite understand this question.
    Same way you and I did, just vaccine free, I hope.
    My daughter is 13 years old, vaccine free, and we were in California up until 2 years ago. After living my whole life with a very serious vaccine injury, it's not an option for me whether to or not to vaccinate her. It will never happen. When SB277 was passed. I knew it was time to leave California for good, and I did. I'm in Nevada, just over the state line, and my daughter attends school and is very happy here. You just do what you have to do protect them.
  • Kenneth
    Thanks Candice for replying. I appreciate it. I'm aware of that.
  • Jessica Tate
    I am in California and just had a premie. We have been in hospital for 2 1/2 months in NICU and we are leaving hospital vax free! They are pushing them non stop on me but I keep telling them I am deferring to pediatrician.
  • Alexis Keiser
    I saw the reference to leaving the hospital without vaccines and I would like to mention an alternative. I was able to have two of my children at home attended by a midwife. I used a rented birth pool and felt it was like a "water epidural". I definitely felt I was spared unwanted interventions by this approach and had two wonderful birth experiences. As for home schooling, I don't think children are necessarily poorly socialized when taught at home but that is a common stereotype. I think, when done well, home education allows children to form good relationships with people of ALL ages not just their local birth cohort. In the long run, I'd hope they would be good candidates for having families of their own BECAUSE of their experiences not in spite of them.
  • Erika Wallace
    I live in CA, both my kids aren’t vaccinated to schedule. Find a good naturopath ped and get a medical exemption. My kids are 2-4 and so far it hasn’t been a problem. My son goes to preschool with his med exemp. The only thing that I find difficult, is all of my friends are having babies now. It’s hard to sit when they pump their kids full of vaccines. Anytime I try to say something they say, thank you, but I trust my doctor.
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