• Ash
    Does anyone have any good phrases or talking points that can really make someone go "hmm, really? Tell me more..."
    I keep running into situations at church, grocery store, etc. and I've just called every candidate up for election next month to discuss my #1 issue of interest (does anyone else feel their life and thoughts are consumed by this topic once you know the truth?), but I'm always so scared of appearing crazy and turning people off (of me or my kids), I often end up saying nothing... what are those one line zingers of vaccine injury risk truth that you have seen actually open someone else's eyes to want to go research on their own? Or what did somebody say to you that made you research further?
    e.g. I think I may have just lost the chance of a new friend in my new next door neighbor who has same age kids, on our 3rd play date she mentioned the 12mo 1day old boy was going for his checkup (and of course shots) that day, and after watching too many Vaxxed bus stories of "he was fine until his 12 months shots" I felt compelled to say something, give some sort of a warning... (wouldn't I feel guilty if he had seizures that night and regressed forever and I'd said nothing?) so as she was leaving I threw out "have you looked into delaying the MMR at all...?" Thinking that was benign enough, a lot of people are open to the idea of separating and delaying (I was, before I fully researched and went totally to the other side ;) )... she just looked confused and said "oh well my father in law is their doctor so, we just do whatever he says... I think he's already had that one..." so obviously has no clue what shots her kids have had or will get, or what risks are entailed, and is blissfully acquiescing all medical decisions for her children to someone else... I just smiled and waved goodbye. But she has been less responsive to texts since :/ and I can only imagine she told said FIL about said comment and he must've warned her off me and my disease-ridden children... or maybe not and she's just been busy.
    But I wish I had better ways to broach the subject, like every time I see a pregnant woman I want to hold up a sign that says "say no to Tdap! Educate before you vaccinate!" But when 90+%? Of the population is completely brainwashed and worshipping of all vaccines and everything medical, how do you bridge the gap and not appear a crazy lune to be avoided?
    Also I am waiting calls back from politicians and am trying to set up a meeting with my state delegate, if he only gives me 5min what should I say, what actually works in swaying people??
  • Jennifer Pruitt
    I can relate . There was a friend who I have been emailing and I went all out with the links and info in my last email. I have not heard back since. As for playground mom2mom talk I have not gotten the courage to speak up to complete strangers. But I have lost friends on facebook and Facebook is locking me out of my account after podting a lot of anti vax memes in photo albums. I can see through the censorship now and all the lies and Im telling you its suxh a lonely feeling.
  • Angela Herd
    The same problem here!
    I feel like I've 'failed' a couple of people. Perhaps I didn't say it the right way, perhaps I didn't broach the subject early enough, perhaps I tried to talk about it too much ... Perhaps I'm thought of as just an 'overly anxious' person so like the boy who cried wolf ... Whatever, I don't know, but I do know that I failed to convince my best friend that vaccines were dangerous, and when her baby girl had her 3 month shots she got swollen fontanelle (brain inflammation), was 'not herself' and she screamed for hours, and got strabismus. Then the mother went back for the next lot of shots at 5 months again! (This is the NZ schedule where she is, I'm in Australia). I couldn't believe it. The doctors had obviously normalised all this shit for her that had happened at 3 months, and because the damage wasn't terribly noticeable and seemingly short term, the mother didn't worry and didn't listen to me.
    Another couple I know with a baby the same age as me got their shots and at 4 months the baby developed severe allergies to breast milk, carpeting, animal hair and a whole bunch of foods. She now lives on a diet of 5 foods, as a 2 year old. Sad. I tried emailing the parents some research regarding allergies and aluminium, dangers of vaccines etc, but since I did that, no response, just cut off.
    It does drive me crazy too, because yes, since I've learned about vaccines I can't stop thinking about them, all the time, every day, whenever I see a child.
  • Agatha David
    What made me question vaccines was seeing a post that commented about MTHFR, and how vaccines weren't safe for those individuals. It also mentioned how an angel kiss, stork bite, and tongue and lips ties were associated with MTHFR mutations. In my head I went "WHAT?! My son has ALL those, and I know that MTHFR is common amongst many of my family members. What on earth about vaccines makes them unsafe for MTHFR people but ok for others? why why why, this doesn't make sense."

    Then I found out about aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and was sick to my stomach over it for weeks (my son was fully vaccinated to 15 months).

    Around this same time I had joined the Recovery Kids Biomedical Healing group to learn about chelation. My son tested high for lead and I wanted more information, I was already fed up with my son's pediatrician at this point. In that group I started hearing vaccine injury cases that sounded a lot like what I was dealing with.

    So my advice is to drop the seeds and let God grow them. I encountered many clues all within the same time frame that made me start wanting more information on vaccines. I could tell the truth was being withheld from me and I wanted to discover it.

    My son suddenly developed a severe corn allergy following his 9 month vaccines. I never made the association. If someone at that time had said, "You know, allergies have been associated with vaccines." I would have started digging a lot sooner and saved my son from a lot more jabs. I didn't vaccinate because I thought my son would die of diseases, I vaccinated because it was what the doctor said was happening and the nurses came in and just did it at every appointment. Some people just need a gentle nudge to start asking questions. It's not your job to fully educate and convince them of everything that we now know. Give them a starting place to research like, "Have you seen Trace Amounts yet?"
    Or be sneakier about it and just invite them to join your holistic mothering group that you are in on facebook. Say, "I'm not one to run to the doctor over every little thing, and I wasn't happy about all the antibiotic subscriptions for my child. So I really love the support and seasoned advice I can get from this facebook group, you should join too!" ..in any holistic parenting group you will come across vaccine education posts and then your friend can jump down that rabbit hole on their own.
    Or use breastfeeding as an excuse "The breastfeeding support I received from [facebook group] was invaluable, you should join too!"

    As for your politicians, I suggest becoming a World Mercury Project member. It is $10 for a lifetime membership and that $10 is tax deductible. There are short WMP videos that are very persuasive and get right to the point. I suggest showing those videos to your representatives.
  • Ash
    Thank you for that! I love your writeup. Am meeting with state delegate soon.
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