• M S Findlow
    My Daughter & Us are absolutely sure that Our Granddaughter has had all her vaccinations from Birth But the Health Nurse at Our surgery keeps sending My Daughter an appointment for Our Granddaughter to them again ! If We are write and She has had her immunisations could a second injection course any problems We can't seem to get an answer to this question All we are Told is that according to her medical records at the surgery it says she hasn't had some of them !
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    Any vaccine, given at any age, can maim or kill . This is something to keep in mind. Think of it as drinking gasoline - how much gasoline can a child drink before getting sick, before permanent damage, before death? That is vaccination.
  • M S Findlow
    Thank you for your prompt reply Larry.
    But I don't think it really has answered My question! I think I understand your answer but feel it is more of a campaign Anti vaccination answer rather than a Medically defended one!
    I am not sure where I can get any kind of Unbiased Answer to my problem I am sooooo confused with the conflicting views that I am really unsure what Is best !! Both argument have VERY Valid points ! It is soooo difficult to get help in this area!!
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    Just to be clear, you asked - can your granddaughter have problems if she receives a vaccine? Is that a correct understanding of your question? If it is, then here is my answer: no one can tell you 100% for sure one way or the other. That said, if she is damaged or killed, the doctor, hospital, clinic, nurse nor manufacturer are liable. And, will probably deny it anyway. I'll reframe this for you. Take a gun, put 1 bullet into the six chambers, and spin the chamber. Now aim it at your granddaughter and pull the trigger - THAT is vaccination.
  • M S Findlow
    Thanks again for your reply!
    In answer to your question !
    yes but "No" My question was My Daughter and I believe that My Granddaughter has already had ALL her immunisations! The Surgary are saying that according to their records She is missing her last Pre School booster, there fore My question was "If We are Right and She has had ALL her immunisations Would having another do any harm?"
    We know the Arguments both for and against having the Immunisation jabs and the Risks associated in either case What We don't know are the risks of having a second injection if she Has as we think already had one!
    No one seems to want to give an Objecting and Helpful answer to that question!

    To be honest Larry I feel your comment is condescending and that You are talking down to me!
    I am genuinely searching and asking for Help to make a VERY Important INFORMED decision!
    I don't need statement and anecdotes I just need a simple answer and I feel I have come to the Wrong Forum to get that sort of help!
    I am NOT looking for Political Arguments I am looking for an unbiased professional answer that will help me and My Daughter make a Truly informed and informed decision as to what to do!!
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    Sorry you feel that way. I'm not talking down to you. I'm sharing with you that there is literally no one who can tell you for sure whether or not harm will come from another vaccination - it is a risk. It's *always* a risk. And, I'm not a doctor. I'm a layperson who has heard hundreds of stories now - maybe thousands - of parents who vaccinated, all was fine, and then one day, one vaccine destroyed or killed the child. I think this story that I published would be good to read to understand what I am saying
  • Stephanie
    You can call your health insurance to find out the dates and vaccines that were administered. Each vax given had a code that is recorded and submitted to the insurance by the pediatrician office.
  • Tiara Brazell
    hello. I, personally, as well as my little sister, were double dosed a vax (unsure of exactly which one, as I'm no longer in contact with parents & grandparents don't remember.) as children. This was due to the clinic/hospitals loss of records. (I believe due to some sort of fire or whatever. This must've happened between 1992-1994.) Both of us suffered terrible reactions that almost killed us. I apologize that I don't have more detailed information, but my vote would be "er... No."
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