• Rachael
    When I became pregnant I felt wary of having the whooping cough vaccine. I was pressurised to have it, so aquiesqued. I made this decision through fear and not from an informed choice. I decided then to thoroughly research the topic of vaccines and their history. The more I read the more insidious vaccines seemed to be. If you google anything related to vaccines, it is very hard to find any literature portraying them accurately. We've been indoctrinated to believe we must have them, and that if you go against the grain you must be crazy.

    After much thought I decided I did not want to vaccinate my baby. Unfortunate my partner is pro vaccine and no mater how much literature I show him he won't budge. It's as if he doesn't want to know. Ignorance is bliss right!? After many an argument we decided on a delayed vaccine schedule. At four months old my daughter had the triple DTaP. She had an allergic reaction. Her little legs went bright red and came out in spots. Other than that she seemed well in here'd and didn't get a temperature. This was enough for me to say 'right absolutely no more' I wish I'd pushed harder to go vaccine free. I'm worried of the damage it could have done that might become apparent later on. My partner still think we should continue the course.

    I have been looking in to prophylaxis. I read 'raising a vaccine free child' by Wendy Lydall and there is an chapter in the book detailing why she feels this could actually be harmful. The idea behind this was that in homeopathy a vibration alters something wrong in the body and makes it right. There was the suggestion that "it is a bad principle to fix something that is not broken" particularly with babies who are sensitive to vibrations. Is prophylaxis effective and could it be harmful? I was really hoping this cousin be the answer for me but now I fear this too!

    I am constantly doubting my decision, mainly because everyone around me is very pro vaccine, so it it very hard to stick to my beliefs and not fall back in to the fear trap.
    I would really appreciate all advice and I guess encouragement that I'm not insane and have made the right desicion!
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    First, here's a great video to watch on the topic that I shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoGcT16BXpA
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    Next, you need two books and one DVD - start with the DVD for your husband:
    https://amzn.to/2Hu22Hi (will ship when in stock)

    If you will watch the video, get these two books and DVD, you will know why to not vaccinate, and how to keep a vaccine free child very healthy, and why vaccine free is superior in every possible way to vaccination. Get your husband to watch that DVD - it will open the door to the books.
  • Rachael
    Thanks Larry,
    I will watch the videos with my husband and get back to you with my views and with regards to ordering books. Hopefully it will change his mind but he's very set in his ways and not prepared to do any research on the subject!
  • Rachael
    does vaxxed and the books cover newer vaccines such as the prevnar 13 and the hib. I can't seem to find any literature on these about adverse reactions but I'm sure they are just as unsafe.
    I watched 'the truth about vaccines' series and there was a lot on the MMR causing autism but from when it had mercury in. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about the MMR now or the 6-in-1, which was introduced to the NHS schedule August of last year.
    My daughter was born in the September so I didn't want her being a guinea pig.
    There is also a bad reputation around the DTP but I can't find anything about the 'safer' DTaP. Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction for info with regards to these?
  • Rachael
    Also is it possible to chat to other parents who have chosen to go vaccine free in this forum? Or is that available in the paid section?
    It seems like everyone vaccinates so I feel very alone on this subject. It would be helpful to be able to talk to other parents to discuss how they deal with the disapproval and to have general discussions.
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    There are about 800 people in this forum, mostly parents. But it is not very active at all, unfortunately - everyone is on Facebook. I thought it would be more active.

    As for your questions, here's what you *need* to know: all vaccines are dangerous, all vaccines are unnecessary, and do not confer immunity. Homeoprophylaxis is a great way to educate the immune system. A couple more resources on that topic:

    If you will get the DVD and books I suggest, 98% of your questions around vaccines and whether or not to vaccinate will be answered. :)
  • Rachael
    Hi Larry,

    Thanks very much for all your help.

    I will check out the links. I watched vaxxed. It certainly is an eye opener! Everyone keeps saying the MMR is safe now, but if autism is increasing it can't be any safer!
    There still doesn't seem to be any recent literature with regards to the 6-in-1 and adverse effects. Maybe we just don't hear about them! Any way I will continue my research!
  • Erika Wallace
    Hi Rachael,
    I am not sure where you are from. I don’t vaccinate my children. It can feel very isolating when you feel strongly about this subject and everyone else around you thinks your crazy. You are doing the right thing for your children! When ever I am hanging out with other moms, I slip it in. I have been surprised at how it’s becoming more common for parents to not vaccinate. If people react badly to you, then they aren’t someone you want to be around anyways
  • Leigh Skinner
    Larry, the YouTube video isn't there any longer as of today, Mar 27, 2019.
  • Leigh Skinner
    One more thing, Larry, have you considered using Brighteon.com as your video sharing site? It's a competitor of YouTube that doesn't track or censor.
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