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    There are a million reasons why not to vaccinate, and not a single good reason to vaccinate. Vaccines never saved us from disease, do not confer immunity and are dangerous liability free products that injure, maim and kill on a regular basis. So here's why to go vaccine free:

    1. Vaccines Never Saved Us
    According to official USA and UK statistics, death from infectious disease had already dropped 99.9% before the introduction of vaccines. Improved living conditions, better sanitation and waste removal, higher nutrition intake due to better storage methods, as well as the ending of child labor, all contributed greatly to improving immune function, which then allowed children to overcome infections with dispatch. Interestingly, in cities where the smallpox vaccine was mandated, death from smallpox increased as well. What we’ve been trained to believe about polio, smallpox, measles, whooping cough and all the rest of the diseases and their supposed eradication through vaccination is nothing but vaccine industry marketing hype using smoke and mirrors, fabricated “science” and intimidation.

    2. Homeopathy Did Save Us
    Homeopathy was used to successfully treat infectious disease in the early 1900s and could be considered the “original vaccine.” Homeoprophylaxis uses nontoxic homeopathic remedies called nosodes (prepared from disease germs) to educate the immune system towards the disease process. They are not intended to force antibody production, nor are they polluted with toxic ingredients found in vaccines. Nosodes are pure disease energy aimed to stimulate appropriate immunological response to natural disease so that the immune system knows how to get sick and how to get better. Vaccines are a perversion of this homeopathic technology.

    3. Vaccines Don’t Save Lives, Healthy Immune Systems Do
    When a child’s immune system is fully functional then the natural acquisition of an infection causes a full body immune response that allows the child to get over the infection naturally, and safely. The body will take care of the infection once and for all, as opposed to vaccination, which causes the body to have an ever-present ongoing health debilitating immune response. The best way to prevent death from an infection is to keep a child healthy through nontoxic, natural means, which includes high quality organic whole food, supplements, herbs and visiting a holistic medical practitioner on a regular basis.

    4. Activate The Entire Immune System With An Infection
    The best immune response to an infection is when the entire immune system can be activated, which is both the Th1 and Th2 immune response systems (both a cellular and humoral response). An elevation of antibodies after vaccination (which requires the use of toxic ingredients) is simply a marker of contamination, not immunity. A vaccine-generated Th2 response can burden the body and exhaust the immune system by forcing the body to deal with a chronic ongoing infection. A Th2 response to a specific virus infection will specifically suppress Th1 cells from becoming activated against the same virus. Because vaccines are injected into the body, the process of vaccination bypasses a major part of the immune response mechanism (80%!) and in so doing, causes confusion to the immune system. This gives rise to a variety of autoimmune conditions and a host of other ongoing chronic health problems such as seizures, asthma, allergies, eczema, and many, many more. The proper way to shut down an infection is to have the full immune response – not a partial and weakened immune response, which is what vaccines cause the body to do. Vaccination does not equal immunization, which is why booster shots are required with a vaccination process, whereas when a child gets an infection naturally and overcomes the infection, the child has lifelong or near lifelong immunity.

    5. Treat Infections With Natural Medicine For Healthy Outcomes
    When infections do occur there are numerous natural treatment protocols that will help the body fully recover. In addition to eating whole organic foods and taking supplements such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, more aggressive - yet nontoxic - treatments can include a high dose Vitamin C IV, which has been shown to speed recovery after a pertussis infection, for example. Finding and working with a natural medicine doctor such as an integrative medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor or even a homeopathic practitioner is a great first step to ensuring your child will have the best care possible during an infection process. Vaccine free children recover faster from infections than their vaccinated counterparts because they have stronger and more robust immune function.

    6. Vaccine Free Children Thrive
    Vaccine free children are healthier, smarter, more socially adept, advance faster and further, have brighter eyes, behave better and are generally more fully functioning than their vaccinated counterparts. Just ask any parent who has both vaccinated and unvaccinated children: they all pretty much attest to this analysis. In fact, the CDC refuses to do a long-term study that compares the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. And the reason is obvious: if such a study were ever properly conducted, the entire vaccination program would come to an immediate and total screeching halt. Parents would be horrified to learn they are destroying the highest potential of their children by vaccinating them.

    7. Vaccines Are Not Proven To Be Safe
    Vaccines are not safety tested using true placebos (inert non-toxic placebos) nor are they safety tested over time in combination with each other. In fact, vaccine safety testing is not at all like pharmaceutical drug testing, where double blind true placebo tests are used. So-called vaccine safety testing is, in essence, a sham, where only healthy individuals are used and undesirable results are thrown out or manipulated. Hundreds of scientific peer reviewed studies published in leading medical journals have shown without any doubt that vaccines are dangerous, ineffective liability free products that can and do cause harm and death across all populations. Additionally, it would be a very rare thing for a child to get multiple infections at the same time naturally, whereas giving a child multiple vaccines at the same time dramatically increases the body burden to deal with so much toxicity and immune response at once - this is not normal or safe.

    8. Vaccine Ingredients Are Downright Dangerous
    Almost all of the ingredients in vaccines are known to be harmful in some way or another - and not just a little bit harmful either. For example, mercury, still in the flu vaccine and in limited trace amounts in other vaccines, is 500 times more toxic than lead and the second most toxic substance known to man: how could that ever be considered safe to inject into anyone? Toxic ingredients injected into the body are much worse than ingesting toxic ingredients because ingesting allows for normal detoxification to take place, whereas injection does not. Many of the ingredients will cause massive brain inflammation, and that is the reason for that high-pitched never-ending incredibly intense screaming that happens to many children after vaccination - what a horrific thing to deliberately do to a child.

    9. Vaccines Harm, Maim and Kill At A Very High Rate
    Vaccines cause a wide range of harm, including permanent harm, as well as death, at a much higher rate than the promoted “1 in a million” fictitious rate. Vaccines cause Autism (though, not the only cause) and with that rate alone being 1 in 69 (last published rate) we know for a fact that the 1 in a million rate is nothing more than a myth. Countless stories are available on YouTube and on thousands of websites from all over the globe that share the horrors of vaccine induced damage and death. A simple review of the vaccine manufacturer inserts will reveal that vaccines can and do cause a very wide range of debilitating conditions. And then there’s the fact that the HRSA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out nearly 4 billion dollars for vaccine injury and death claims since 1988. So we like to say: “listen to parents, not doctors.”

    10. Pediatricians and Coroners Cover Up Vaccine Injury and Death
    Pediatricians and coroners cover up injury and death from vaccination by calling it terms like “normal,” “coincidence,” “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)” and death by “Natural Causes.” Pediatricians get major bonuses for vaccinating children, so they have a conflict of interest when they are bullying parents into vaccinating. Pediatricians blindly believe the CDC, even after the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” was released detailing how the CDC covered up its own findings that there is a sevenfold risk of Autism diagnoses in African American babies vaccinated with the MMR vaccine before the age of 3. Pediatricians and most doctors are not educated one bit in vaccines, other than what they are told by the CDC, a vaccine company. When it comes to vaccines, do not place your trust in the vaccine industry, the CDC or a pediatrician who gets paid to inject poison into your child. The main reason you don’t hear about vaccine injury and death is because the entire medical establishment is deliberately suppressing this knowledge and since the media gets so much of its revenue from Pharma, you aren’t going to hear a peep from them either. Right here is where you’re going to hear about it - social media, forums and the world wide web.

    I hope this very brief summary of reasons why to go vaccine free sparks an interest for you to research this topic further! Below are some recommend resources to begin your journey, and also feel free to join the forum and add your own commentary, questions or reasons on this thread!

    Larry Cook
    Founder of this forum and Stop Mandatory Vaccination


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  • Ash
    What a great summary, thanks for that. Why can't we put this stuff out on tv or billboards... I guess I know why, but there's got to be a way! If only I'd heard this before I vaccinated my first... and so many other parents say the same thing.
  • Larry Cook - ADMIN
    Thank you Ash. What a great idea.
  • Carolyn YBack
    One question I have, and it's really just a THINK POINT is that when institutions or doctors REQUIRE you to have vaccination..or IT'S MANDATORY...IT makes zero sense to me, because these vaccines REQUIRE legal consent from the recipient or legal guardian...the parent..So I am very confused, and of course will share my confusions with the docs as to why THEY think this is a mandatory situation, when it requires me to consent to it first...Nothing can be mandatory that requires your legal consent, now can it..I guess in terms of school, they can require this and you can say no, so therefore Home School..Which is a very viable option...But what do you think about this Mandatory argument that gets thrown in parents' laps when the parents must be the ones to consent to this mandatory vaccine...sounds like a messed up play on words...
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