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    I am no longer on facebook either I don't like it or trust it. Would you want to start a Missouri page on an alternate social media page like Mewe or whatever other options are out there? I would love for "Stop Mandatory Vaccines" to begin moving over to an alternate social media page as well.
  • Missouri
    I am in Missouri. Have you joined our state group? "Missouri Parents Against Vaccines"
    Within that facebook group a private chat has formed of individuals wanting to become stronger activists, ask to join!
  • How do we produce legit research???
    World Mercury Project has great persuasive videos perfect for showing to your state reps. There is also a members only section of, lifetime membership for $10 and it's tax deductible.
  • How to talk to friends, acquaintances, politicians
    What made me question vaccines was seeing a post that commented about MTHFR, and how vaccines weren't safe for those individuals. It also mentioned how an angel kiss, stork bite, and tongue and lips ties were associated with MTHFR mutations. In my head I went "WHAT?! My son has ALL those, and I know that MTHFR is common amongst many of my family members. What on earth about vaccines makes them unsafe for MTHFR people but ok for others? why why why, this doesn't make sense."

    Then I found out about aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and was sick to my stomach over it for weeks (my son was fully vaccinated to 15 months).

    Around this same time I had joined the Recovery Kids Biomedical Healing group to learn about chelation. My son tested high for lead and I wanted more information, I was already fed up with my son's pediatrician at this point. In that group I started hearing vaccine injury cases that sounded a lot like what I was dealing with.

    So my advice is to drop the seeds and let God grow them. I encountered many clues all within the same time frame that made me start wanting more information on vaccines. I could tell the truth was being withheld from me and I wanted to discover it.

    My son suddenly developed a severe corn allergy following his 9 month vaccines. I never made the association. If someone at that time had said, "You know, allergies have been associated with vaccines." I would have started digging a lot sooner and saved my son from a lot more jabs. I didn't vaccinate because I thought my son would die of diseases, I vaccinated because it was what the doctor said was happening and the nurses came in and just did it at every appointment. Some people just need a gentle nudge to start asking questions. It's not your job to fully educate and convince them of everything that we now know. Give them a starting place to research like, "Have you seen Trace Amounts yet?"
    Or be sneakier about it and just invite them to join your holistic mothering group that you are in on facebook. Say, "I'm not one to run to the doctor over every little thing, and I wasn't happy about all the antibiotic subscriptions for my child. So I really love the support and seasoned advice I can get from this facebook group, you should join too!" any holistic parenting group you will come across vaccine education posts and then your friend can jump down that rabbit hole on their own.
    Or use breastfeeding as an excuse "The breastfeeding support I received from [facebook group] was invaluable, you should join too!"

    As for your politicians, I suggest becoming a World Mercury Project member. It is $10 for a lifetime membership and that $10 is tax deductible. There are short WMP videos that are very persuasive and get right to the point. I suggest showing those videos to your representatives.

Agatha David

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