• A simple question is where i started my journey.
    My husband has rheumatoid psoriasis. Also fibromyalgia and IBS-D. All likely stem from vaccination: he immigrated here from Thailand had to get some shots before he came 3 years ago. I have the record MMR and TDAP I thought he told me another one but it isn't written down. He's also said that generally any time he needed medical care in Thailand, they'd just give him a vaccine whether he wanted it or not. Some things seem to treat his conditions, like clobetasol cream for his psoriasis and vitamin D. They do not cure it and in late winter early spring he looks like he has a whole body case of measles. We have tried a lot of things over the past few years probiotics prebiotics vitamins supplements and mainstream medicine. Most everything has moved symptoms around at best his intestines will be better but then he has painful migraines, that type of thing. I have no real experience with homeopathy where would I find someone to do this?
  • A simple question is where i started my journey.
    Very well said. I am just starting to look into homeopathy, hoping to help my husband's autoimmune conditions. I started out vaccinating but stopped quickly. NEVER regretted it, not for a second. Sometimes a mother will out herself as having fully vaccinated kids by telling me some nonsense thing or other. I watch and notice that her kids seem to be going to doctors and hospitals a lot and struggle in school. My sister in law (fully vaxxed kids) once tried to accuse me of just not being vigilant enough to take my kids to a doctor when they are sick. I can rattle off a list of things for which I would seek medical attention for: any persistent (say more than 2 hours) fever of 104 or above, any seizure, any persistent rash or an open, bedsore type wound, any persistent (more than 5 days or recurring) low grade fever, sudden swelling/anaphalactic shock reactions, throwing up everything for more than 24 hours (dehydration risk), recurrent throwing up..the list goes on. And I'd take either of my daughters in under any situation in which they asked me to seek medical care for them, no questions asked. Yet my 11 year old has been to doctors 4 times in her life and an ER once. 3 times it was a health check where the doctor had to sign something for a school saying she was healthy. 1 time for a persistent cough identified as whooping cough, which ironically was one of the only vaccines she'd ever received (but no boosters). The ER visit was 2 hours after her first vaccine...never been that sick since then!

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